If you haven’t yet heard the news…. SURPRISE I am pregnant! We becomes 3 this Summer! There is SOO much to tell today and I want to answer all the questions I have been getting since making this announcement on Friday! But the most important answer is… YES! We are so excited! AND YES this was a complete surprise! The biggest question I am getting which makes sense regarding my infertility history is “Did you do IVF”? and the answer is NO! (IF you are new here you can catch up on my years of infertility with my ex HERE )This was a complete miracle, surprise, unplanned ALL natural conception. So lets start at the beginning…….

When Chris and I met pretty early on we knew this was something special so I was honest from the get go, listen I have been told I can’t have children….. here is my story. Chris always said adopting sounded great to him one day but I reminded him a few times like “Hey, I know there is always a chance but I am not going to get a few years in and you be like… well I thought we would get pregnant this isn’t what I want” I was so honest and matter of fact. That was there was no confusion. So if you want me to get a little TMI we never prevented pregnancy I mean why would we?

Fast forward to November………. I am running a low grade fever and feel over all crummy so I thought I had covid and went and got tested. NOPE. Then I am thinking ok, it’s official I am in pre-menopause…. I mean all my symptoms matched up perfectly. A week goes by and I am like something is off so I get a pregnancy test thinking I am a crazy person and low and behold it is positive. I have NEVER ever seen a positive test before…. I was like OMG. Was I immediately happy? NO, I was scared. I was like this is a joke, why did this show positive, I will not get my hopes up. I was so scared to be happy. Long story short I peed on like $100 worth of tests that day and they were ALL positive. Of course I wanted to tell Chris when he got off work….Chris was about the same as me, he was scared to be happy thinking this can’t be real. We were both looking at the tests like how could this happen, is there another explanation. Luckily, I was able to get into my OB a few days later who confirmed the pregnancy. (I grew up in church with her so huge nice bonus for me to go to someone who really does care)

I mean what can I say about this other than this is a miracle. And honestly, I hate that word… I think people throw it around to much and what does it really mean. But at the same time there is no other way this could have happened……After everything I did in the past to try to get pregnant, 7 IUI’s and 2 IVF’s and nothing…. to then get pregnant by surprise! It’s really mind blowing. Like the famous line in Jurassic Park “Life will always find a way”


  1. Janet Wentz
    January 4, 2021 / 5:27 pm

    I am still grinning ear to ear, just so happy and excited for you! You deserve it all and so much more! Thanks for blogging, I miss you over here. 🙂

  2. Sarah
    January 7, 2021 / 8:07 am

    ah I am so pleased for you both. you seem a lovely couple and I have followed your journey from the UK! you really deserve it. can’t wait to see pics of the little one in the summer.

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