One Year Ago

Can you guys believe that one year ago TODAY me and the boys made the drive from Colorado to Oklahoma together. One year ago today I moved back home. It’s honestly hard to wrap my head around… in some ways it seems like it was yesterday and then in others it seems like a lifetime ago. I had no idea moving back that we would be headed into a pandemic and I would spend the majority of my year inside my little rent house. Not one thing went the way I planned or thought 2020 would go but at the same time I was given such a gift…. being close to my family during this whole craziness and Chris came into my life. Its so funny we talk about how when Chris and I met (11 months ago) how we talked about how our family Holidays would go, things we wanted to do over the Summer and so on and not one thing wound up being anything like we said it would. But in a way there is a beauty to that. I met someone who I am able to roll with the punches with we laugh a lot.

One year ago the boys and I had 9 1/2 hours to think as we drove back from Colorado and nothing this year happened like I thought it would but I wouldn’t change it. The only thing I would change is my business…. starting a business and then having a pandemic happen isn’t great. I would absolutely still start Bubbles and Brews but I would make sure I have a “Pandemic fund” and maybe go about things different financially. Starting this business meant I was all in and I was expecting to immediately make some money back but I am a year behind where I thought I would be and thats hard. But I am hopeful for this year, thats all I can be.

I am little behind on my start of 2021 post but I did choose a word of the year and I picked JOY. I feel like year after year I pick a word that requires change or implies work and this year I want to focus on the JOY in my life. With a baby on the way I want to live in the moments and focus on the good. There is a lot of JOY in my family this year… new twins, my sister is pregnant and I am close to my parents and I want to relax in their JOY as well. I want to focus on the JOY that Chris and I share and the life we are creating. Have you picked a word of the year?

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  1. Angie Barrera
    January 12, 2021 / 6:48 am

    ❤️❤️ so happy for you, it is amazing how 12 months can change so much! My word for the year is JOY too, and for a similar reason! So excited for this year for you and your family!

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