Life with Penelope

First of all you guys, I am sorry I have not been blogging like I have wanted to. If boils down to 2 reasons:

1. I have felt so sick everyday, I literally can’t.

2. My Mac isn’t letting me upload any photos onto this platform but today I have finally found out what is wrong! its a HUGE hassle but I can work around it!

So if you don’t know back in early November we rescued a neighborhood cat we have had our eye on since early Summer. She showed up on our doorstep completely beaten up and malnourished and we knew it was the time. Since then we have nursed her back to health and she fits in perfectly! In fact its quite amazing how this street cat has turned into a MEGA DIVA so quickly!

Penelope LOVES being involved in everything, has to supervise everything I cook, she likes to pose for pictures, she is a helpful nurse but there is nothing she loves more than Chris! It’s so sweet to see someone who has never had a cat before fall in love with our new lady of the house! P and the boys get along great… I mean sure Elway is mega jealous and Ralph will get snippy when she bops him but they all sleep in bed together with us every night! We have a full house, lol! Bringing Penelope into our home was scary and rushed but absolutely the right decision. She has flourished and transformed into such a beauty! Its hard to believe anyone would treat her so terribly.

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