It’s a…….

Today I am officially 13 weeks! It seems like a lifetime longer than that I must say! But YAY me for making it out of that dreaded first trimester! Like, you go Nicole… you did it! Now onto the exciting news of what is baby? SO how did we find out a little early? We did the Sneak Peak DNA test! Even my doctor said it is 99.9% accurate! I mean we all know I am not known for my patience and this was a fairly easy blood test. We had the results sent to my cousin for safe keeping!

Saturday we did a quick all masks on Gender Reveal at our house that was put together by my sister and cousin! (HUGE Thank you to them) We did a donut theme! I mean how fun…. We DONUT know the gender? I mean who doesn’t love donuts and coffee? Chris and I didn’t have a huge preference either way on what we thought the baby would be or what we wanted it to be but I will say that overall the guess on Saturday was girl! Do we have names lined up? Yes and No, we have a few we like and we are going to take some time, say them out loud and make sure we really love it before committing! SO stay tuned!

Pregnancy update:

I have been feeling terrible… still. My migraines are very very bad and the only meds I can take literally do nothing for me so just living with the pain is hard. It makes it hard to sleep when your head hurts so bad, it makes me long for the days of nausea! When you are in bed most days not feeling well it does have an effect on your over all mental health. Don’t get me wrong I KNOW I KNOW, this will all be worth it and the pain is only temporary but I am finding that somedays it is really hard to find the Joy, and that makes me sad. Side note I did find out that cleaning the house to classic Hip Hop and Rap does increase my Joy! So more of that is in order for my day to day tasks!

Today I have my first high risk doctor appointment at Mercy. I am high risk due to my “geriatric” age (yes, that is what I am called…. I will be giving birth at the age of 40…. GASP), I am high risk due to my infertility history and I also have a large cyst that is a tad worrisome that was found at our first ultrasound. SO today we will address all these issues plus do a ton of genetic testing on myself and bebe’! I will keep you all updated later this week but check my Instagram because I will most likely do an update later day. I am a little nervous of course but ready to get past this first appointment with the specialists and move forward!

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  1. Jenny Cody-Knopp
    January 25, 2021 / 10:26 am

    I’m very happy for you!

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