High Risk

I am officially in my 2nd Trimester this week and I don’t feel any different but I am anxiously awaiting this 2nd trimester surge in feeling SO MUCH better I keep hearing about! LOL! Yesterday I went to my first high risk appointment at the Perinatal Center at Mercy. I mentioned yesterday these are the reasons I am “High Risk”: My “Geriatric age (lol, I know they say it not me. I will be 40 when I give birth) My infertility history and the apparent cyst I have. So… how did it go?

You guys look at that? It’s like a real baby! You can see the spine and the apparent long chicken legs baby currently has! The ultrasound was over an hour long which was weird and cool because I saw so much! Baby is also apparently ornery because he wasn’t very cooperative for his photo shoot. He moves around a ton just not in the positions they needed him in. They measured important things like head size and the thickness of his neck all which could indicate genetic abnormalities. It’s crazy because the entire hour the ultrasound tech can’t tell me anything all she can say is the doctor will go over everything with you. So it’s a tad stressful. Finally when the doctor came in she then wanted to do another ultrasound to check things herself to then say……… BABY is great. Baby is meeting all markers and everything looks amazing. She said with my infertility history and then the years that lapsed before this pregnancy she said its a true miracle. And even more so that everything is looking so great. It’s nice to know that all the hell my body is going through is working. But really.

The cyst? the cyst is NO cyst at all. She gave me a long word that I have already forgotten but the jest is this……. we 100% were pregnant with TWINS (EEK) and in fact so much so that my body has created two sacs (which is also why I look bigger than I am) She thinks baby #2 grew for a while and then just didn’t make it but my body for quite sometime acted as if baby was still there. So the second sac has never gone away and is still quite large. Isn’t this crazy? I was pregnant with twins. Chris has twins in his family and my brother just had twins so I guess it’s not super far fetched. Anyways long story short is this thick lining inside my uterus to separate the sacs isn’t anything to worry about. Is your mind blown?

I will go back in 6 weeks and continue seeing the high risk specialists throughout my pregnancy so they can closely monitor the baby as well as my health. She was saying how it’s just as important for me to be happy and healthy as it is for baby. I HATE that Chris can’t attend any appointments with me due to covid. Yesterday would have been so awesome to have him there and I hate that for him. We feel really good about how things are going and in 2 weeks I go back to my regular OB. In the meantime I will continue to take care of myself, try to stave off migraines and rest as much as possible.

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