Hello Again.

Hello, first of all I am ALIVE! I realize I have been away for a LOOONNGG time. I’m sorry about that but sometimes life gets in the way and other times I just don’t feel like talking things out. Which is funny because I feel like I have SO much to catch you up on, so much to share but for the oddest reasons I just haven’t logged into this blog for so long.

How is life? Good, the Oklahoma weather is great and I am getting to spend time with my family and celebrate their life events and my relationship with new dude is amazing. But other areas of my life I seem to be drowning in. I have gained a lot of weight back and I am having a really hard time getting the motivation to start loosing it, so I am very very hard on myself right now and unhappy… its a terrible cycle to be stuck in. I also need to be booking more events for my business which is stressful. Even though I have been up and running for a mere 3 months you know how I am….I need perfection right away which isn’t realistic. Also, I need to really get my budget back in line in my daily life. You know the age old circle that feeds itself which I need to break out of. At the same time I know that when I share my struggles on here it is helpful to so many as well as myself to get it out of my head. SO I am recommitted to blogging you guys! I also have exciting things to share with you all so stay tuned!

Big shout out to my brother today it is his BIRTHDAY!!!!!! And it’s good to be back friends.

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