Hey everyone, long time no chat… I know I am sorry about that. But I have been away due to a combination of things. To start I am just living life, I haven’t documented too much lately but trying to stay in the moment. Another reason I have been head down getting ready for my mobile bar to arrive. That is very stressful, I will try to give you guys an update over the next week about where I am at in the process.

One thing I want to talk about on here is something you all followed along with me many many years ago… my weight loss journey. And I am saddened to say that for the first time since loosing weight 8 years ago I have officially gained around 20 pounds back. I am so mad at myself but at the same time most of the weight is happy weight, cooking for new dude, splurging on carbs and drinking calories via wine. But last weekend I was getting dressed up for like our 2nd date night out since Covid and it all caught up with me… nothing fit. My closet is FULL of amazing things begging to be worn but I couldn’t squeeze into hardly anything. And ya, that’s embarrassing. I know you will say you look fine, and thank you for that but I have to make changes. Lucky me new dude is on board and loves to eat healthy so that will be a nice support system.

Last weekend we celebrated new dudes Birthday and I know I know, he isn’t really new anymore and his name is Chris but new dude has such a lovely ring to it! LOL. You all know I LOVE celebrating loved ones Birthdays and this was no exception!

We had a pizza party at my house for just a small group of us and then we went on the Guthrie Ghost Walk… oh ya, he loves the paranormal just as much as me! It was a great night over all! I love getting to see my family get to know Chris more and even meet some of his family.

This is from our date night out to celebrate his birthday the two of us, we clean up nicely! But what you aren’t seeing is that before I found this dress I tried on like 12 things that were all TOO tight which put me into a frenzy of throwing clothes. Not my best self let me tell you. But luckily we/me were able to put my “fit” behind and have a lovely night out! Hey there is a first for everything…. first mega outfit breakdown and wardrobe room destruction for Chris to witness! LOL

Well guys my goal is for the end of July for my clothes to fit better, for me to have a WAY more active lifestyle and to stop binging on things I know I shouldn’t be eating. In fact right now I am off to go on a walk and do a little workout! Wish me luck!

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  1. Sarah Couture
    July 5, 2020 / 2:06 pm

    Hey girl! I am SO happy to see you happy!! I am also right exactly there with you with the weight, 8 years since getting my WW lifetime and have gained 12 lbs over the last year. I had an ah ha moment last weekend that the past year I have been taking care of everyone else but not myself so I am working on making better choices and also tracking everything I eat because I know what works. I know we can both do it because we have before!! Best, Sarah Couture

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