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Hey guys! I know you all are waiting on an update for my business and I know a lot of you follow me on socials so you know but I am excited to fill you all in today! First of all, I did a super fun contest to help me name the actual Piaggio….. giving it a fun name like a boat just seemed fitting! I picked Rosie which is so cute and it has ties to the Oklahoma Rose and the Rose rock which are some of our state symbols.

I have met with the Brides of Oklahoma which is essentially the wedding planning bible here in Oklahoma and I have a great partnership worked out! And in fact they asked us to be the bar at both of their Fall/Winter magazine release parties in Tulsa and Okc the first week of July! So I am very excited yet very stressed! LOL

Today I am headed out to find a storage unit to keep Rosie, my trailer and other Bubble and Brews supplies in! I might add they are a bit more expensive than I thought they would be. Speaking of expensive people and companies sure are proud of their trailers! LOL! I had budgeted for the trailer price but I was hoping to find a used one for less which didn’t happen! Soooo here is my new trailer! I think she looks great behind my jeep!! I love the black and white look which will be great for the future when I would love to put my logo on the trailer.

The actual Piaggio is officially ready to be loaded on the trailer and driven from Virginia to Oklahoma next Monday for me! So ya, my stress level is at an ALL time high right now getting everything together. Insurance, storage, tie downs, kegs, new business headshots, trailer tag and SO MUCH More! But next week when the Piaggio arrives I will get to spend several days doing dry runs and practicing for all scenarios!

I am already booking for events which is a great feel as well as reaching out to planners and vendors. So things are moving full steam ahead right now I am just trying to keep up!

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  1. miranda
    October 6, 2020 / 4:51 pm

    I miss your blog posts!!!

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