What’s Cooking?

I thought I would share with you all a few recipes I have made lately or will be making this weekend! Tonight is the last “Warm-ish” day here in Oklahoma for about a week so I thought Fajita and Margarita night sounds awesome! The recipe I am making tonight looks SOOO easy and is made all on ONE sheet pan! The recipe is from Eating Well and how good does this look? You can get the recipe HERE

  • Last night I made an oldie but a goodie….. MA,The Meatloaf! And in fact this recipe of mine goes alllll the way back to 2009 on THIS blog. It’s funny, the post looks like it is from the Jurassic age but the recipe is still amazing! You can see my Meatloaf recipe HERE And there is a bonus dessert recipe at the bottom of the post!
  • Last night I also made the easiest yet most delish cupcake recipe that happens to be a Weight Watchers recipe. I mean who doesn’t want something sweet with only a little guilt? And in the recipe I made it with funfetti cake mix but you can use anything you have in your pantry. Last night I used Cherry Chip! Plus my recipe for Turkey Bolognese is on this post! Get the recipes HERE
  • Lastly, since a HUGE cold snap is going to hit Oklahoma this weekend it looks like we could all use something comforting in a bowl! I love this Green Enchilada Soup recipe and I think your family will love this too! And who doesn’t love cook once and have leftovers? Get the recipe HERE

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! Read a book, watch some TV, try out a good recipe and have a glass of WINE!

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