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If you are like me then you LOVE TV so to be honest I have been preparing for this quarantine for years, practicing sitting on my couch with a remote in my hand and dogs by my side. It’s ok you can be jealous…. and ya, New Dude loves TV too! We are a couch potato match made! So, everyone on socials is talking about the BIG shows like Tiger King, Love is Blind and Ozark… all which I have watched and loved. But a lot of you are digging deep to find something new so I thought I would talk about some of my favorites that you should start this weekend!

You need to start Killing Eve which is on HULU TONIGHT because the new season starts on Sunday! I was a bit reluctant to watch this show but I am SO glad I did! A show with murder and comedy? And who doesn’t like to occasionally root for the bad… girl? This show is GREAT!

Ok all you weirdos like me…. The Dead Files is on Travel Channel and I am and have been obsessed for years. And if you are a “non-believer” you can keep that to yourself and no need to judge! LOL. The premise is a retired NY cop and a medium go help people who are dealing with the paranormal. This show absolutely tops in the paranormal category for me!!

Switching gears completely and with the current state of the world I could NOT think of a better time to start Schitts Creek on Netflix! Here is the thing, I don’t really love comedies… I need a bit more smut (ha) but THANK GOD last year my Colorado gals convinced me to watch this show! I literally could NOT love anything more. This will make you smile and laugh which we could all need right now. Ew, David…

Heading back to the drama front if you never started Homeland on Showtime now is the perfect time to start, I mean why not. And right now the final season is airing which makes me so sad. I started Homeland maybe 5 years ago and I honestly wanted to dress as Carrie Matheson (aka Claire Danes) for Halloween. This is smart, fast paced and action packed! Do you think the CIA is accepting applications?

I got a new show for you, it was just released last month on EPIX and my parents turned me on to this! You can also get a 30 day free trial (it’s $5 a month) on amazon prime and you can watch all 8 episodes now and then cancel. War of the Worlds is great, I love a good alien movie or show, I mean who doesn’t? And yes, this is a take on the novel that was also made into a movie starring Tom Cruise.

Ok fellow reality TV junkies…. I LOVE Married at First Sight on Lifetime! I may even love this more than The Bachelor because these couples really get married and are thrown into real life…work, moving in, family and getting to know one another! Sometimes it turns out good sometimes not so much. I love it! Anyone else love this show?

And lastly who doesn’t love a book that has been turned into a show? Hello Big Little Lies on HBO! Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu is amazing. I read the book a few years back and remember liking it but it wasn’t super memorable… so when I saw it was going to be a series I was intrigued. I think this book was made to be a series, I love this show and I love the character development. Start this one today!

What are you watching and loving right now? Have you watched any of these? Do you have a suggestion for something new I should start?

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  1. Julie F.
    April 10, 2020 / 8:15 am

    Schitt’s Creek is my absolute favorite and I’m all caught up on Little Fires Everywhere… so good! Killing Eve is on my list to start. Love all the recommendations and yes I’m a total couch potato right now and I love it!!

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