So, This is 39

Yesterday I turned 39 in Quarantine and luckily I opened my circle to include my Mom and my cousin who helped me celebrate! I woke up to the inside of the house decorated thanks to New Dude, it was such a surprise and a great way to wake up! Then I went to open the blinds in the front room and saw this yard display! It’s hysterical, and even more funny is that this display is from my PARENTS! My house was the hit of the neighborhood yesterday as you can imagine and I loved every minute of it!!!

I decided to shower and actually fix myself up yesterday because its that age old saying… “Look good, Feel good”! And my super comfy jumpsuit was a hit… it’s from Old Navy recently if you want to check it out! I got a super fun Birthday surprise first thing in the morning… my cousin Brittany came over and delivered “Togosas” which is To-Go-Mimosas she picked up locally and it was the perfect way to kick off the day! Such a super fun idea, I loved it!

My Mom came over and had lunch with Chris and I plus she brought me a Birthday PIE! Win win for sure! We had a relaxing lunch and even got some pictures in and of course the dogs LOVED seeing my Mom…. they literally loose their minds. It’s my favorite. My cousin came back over in the afternoon and then to round out the day Chris and I got to-go sushi and watched the storms roll in!

The day after your Birthday is alway such a let down….. like wah wah back to normal life again. But if you know me then you know I love having things to look forward to and next weekend May 9, my sister and brother-in-law and my parents are coming over to celebrate a belated birthday for my sister, myself and mothers day PLUS actually meet new dude! You know me, I am already planning my menu now!!!!

Do I feel older? I am not sure, Maybe a little bit because 2020 has clearly aged us all. But this year I haven’t given much thought to goals for my 39th year I am just kind of going with the flow. But I do want this year to bring happiness. Have a great hump day friends!

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