Before & After

The past 2 weeks have been spent in the yard and to kick off all the yard work I started it with the garden. New dude got me these super awesome raised planter beds for the yard, because I loved having my garden in Colorado I wanted to recreate that here. I will say that moving 40, 40 pound bags of soil and compost is NOT easy. Heck no yard work is easy on my back or anyones for that matter!

This is right off my sunroom and there are old bricks that are connected to the concrete slab and the whole area is a mess. So thanks to Pinterest I was able to create this flower bed from scratch. This area is also prone to flooding so I fixed it the best I could using river rocks to divert the water. My backyard may not have much grass at all but just having this area fixed up makes a world of difference!

In the front I did not want to extend this flower bed but something needed to be done with this dead (literally) space. So huge shout out to New Dude who had the idea to create a fun front yard sitting area! Those are rubber pavers from Lowes and they are awesome and super inexpensive. I am just waiting on this super fun pink ombre side table to fit in between the bench and the bush to sit my morning coffee on!

I am so pleased with how this front flower bed turned out and it is amazing what some new mulch can do for a space! Of course I added pink color schemed flowers to match my front door! And since this picture was taken I added solar lights which make the front look so awesome especially at night!

You may be wondering is their more projects in the works? You bet your ass there is!! Some are more long term but the next one is the weird creepy dirty dead space next to my new grill. We are thinking about leveling the space out with sand and then covering it in a small river rock flower bed… so stay tuned because if you know me then you know I can’t just let a project lay around….. patience is not my strong suit!

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