Weird times…

First off, how is everyone doing? I know this isn’t the Spring Break everyone had imagined thats for sure! I have really enjoyed seeing how creative all my friends that are parents have been this past week with their kiddos! This week I left the house to visit my Mom at home and run to the grocery store. Other than that I have been home everyday. Today I need to run out and grab just a few things for the weekend. This weekend I am really excited because Universal Studios has released The Invisible Man on iTunes and I wanted to see that in the theater so a movie night tonight is on the agenda! This week I have cleaned the house, organized the bathroom and my wardrobe room and I have started to go through my keepsake boxes and organize my memories! I mean for someone like me who loves to organize I am sure that by next week I will have the whole house in its place! LOL

New dude and I watched Ford vs Ferrari last night and we really loved it~ (if you are confused by that sentence go back 2 posts and catch up with me) So if you haven’t seen that yet you should definitely add that to your “To Watch” list for the weekend! Along with Hulu’s new release Little Fires Everywhere which is based on a book I LOVED!

Someone shared that on FB and it’s SO ME! I love to cook and bake so luckily I am all set for this quarantine for sometime to come! LOL! If you need recipe ideas or easy ideas feel free to reach out and starting next week I will be sharing what I am cooking at home which will hopefully inspire or at least give you ideas to do in your home! This weekend? New dude is cooking tonight (I know, I am excited!) and then tomorrow I am slow cooking pork which I can use for pulled pork sandwiches or tacos!!!! And yes, I absolutely have stuff to make margaritas at home! I wouldn’t dare forget the important stuff like wine and margaritas

For those of you who have been asking about my business Bubbles and Brews…. I am in a good position right now because my Piaggio is still being built out and has a ETA of late May. So I am glad it isn’t just sitting in storage bleeding money. But all weddings and events have been canceled which is scary but I am hoping that when everything goes back to normal I will be ready to rock and roll and meet everyone’s bar needs! If you missed my BIG announcement you can read all about it HERE

During this quarantine I promise to do better about Blogging, so is there anything you want to see on here? Topics you want me to chat about? Shoot me an email at with your suggestions! And I have to say…. THANK GOD for online shopping!

Have a great weekend friends!

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  1. Chole
    March 21, 2020 / 9:27 am

    Love your blog and interior design style! Whenever you share personal stuff, I really appreciate and connect with it, thanks for being you ❤️

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