So I feel a little guilty…

Hey guys, how is everyone holding up? I literally can NOT believe that today it will be in the 90s in Oklahoma, I am so not ready for an Oklahoma Spring-Summer. I am actually really missing the Colorado snow!

Why do I feel guilty? Because honestly 1/2 my week is really good each week….because of New Dude. He is the only person I am seeing during the quarantine and I feel so lucky to have him. On the days I know I get to see him it gives me something to look forward to all day. This quarantine is also great for reallllly getting to know someone. We can’t leave my house, we have only been on like 4 dates outside my home before this started. I see so many people who are truly miserable during this quarantine and I feel guilt because I have this person who I love spending time with, literally doing just absolutely nothing. During this quarantine I have been able to truly get to know New Dude, see how he is just doing nothing with me and my dogs and we really spend a lot of time just talking which is really nice. We haven’t been anywhere to really take any pictures together but the last time we were out of the house was the night the NBA stopped. I was so excited to get to take New Dude to an NBA game in my parents seats and then the game was cancelled and the world literally shut down shortly after this pic.

So friends this is New Dude. I mean why not share this picture, he makes me super happy, ya know? For now he will continue to be called New Dude going forward and hopefully one day in the he near future we will get to leave the house and actually enjoy a date night together!

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  1. Sarah C.
    March 27, 2020 / 7:09 pm

    Love this and how happy you look…..I love his New Dude name also. Your house is SO cute too!

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