Pulled Pork 2 Ways

How is everyone holding up with everything that is going on in the world as of late? I’m doing alright, I had a nice weekend with “New Dude” and then last night LUCKY ME I got to attend a virtual Happy Hour with all my Colorado besties! It was literally the best time….. so good for my soul to laugh with my girls! We used the app Houseparty which is FREE and I highly recommend it…. it was super easy to use and we didn’t have any trouble PLUS there was 8 of us online! You should give it a try!!

One thing about this quarantine that I having going for me is that I love cooking so I feel pretty good being able to create meals out of what I have here at the house or I will just run in and out of the grocery store to grab what I need. In fact in the coming weeks I was inspired by the season premiere of Top Chef, I am going to dive into some of my cookbooks and use this time to branch out and try new things which should be fun! A little self challenge if you will! But who else is worried about gaining the Quarantine 15?! LOL! I feel like I need to pull my jeans on every now and then to make sure my sweatpants aren’t lying to me or giving me false confidence!

When I ran to the grocery store last week I found that there were corn tortillas and pork tenderloins so I grabbed those. And yes, my recipe does call for Pork Shoulder but Pork tenderloin can easily be swapped out. And even better is this pulled pork recipe doesn’t lean towards BBQ or Mexican you can then use it for both with a little add on’s per each meal!

On Saturday night I used the pork in corn tortillas, added some cheese, sour cream, jalapeƱo, lime and guacamole and it was such a great take on pork carnitas street tacos! Then Sunday I used the pork on a Hawaiian bun, made a little slaw and topped it with BBQ sauce for a great slider sandwich! SO while you are at home this is a great way to cook once for several meals and depending on the size of your family feel free to double the amount of pork, but DO NOT double the time in the slow cooker.

If you need a new show that so far seems family friendly The Letter to the King came out on Netflix Friday and I have watched the first episode and I really enjoyed it! I plan on watching some more of it today! I hope you all have a great week friends! Happy Cooking!

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