Hello March.

A lot of you have been asking what I have been up to since being back in Oklahoma for a few months now. First off, honestly it feels longer I can’t believe that it has ONLY been a few months. I also have to say how much I miss my Colorado tribe but I am so thankful for Social Media…. it lets me still feel like a part of their lives! PLUS! 2 of my gals already have a trip booked to see me in May! YAY!!! Second, I love how all my okc tribe has rallied! About once a week I am getting out meeting a friend or my cousin for dinner and drinks and that has been so good for me! Plus it is re-introducing me to the city, a lot has changed since I lived here last. Something I love about my CO and OK gals is that time doesn’t matter….. we all seem so easily able to jump back into things as if we talked yesterday. I am really lucky to have that.

I have also been loving the time spent with my family! Family dinners, nephew cuddles and loving on my families animals! And I love seeing how much my dogs LOVE it when family comes over! They get so excited when my parents come over, it fills me with love.

This past weekend we celebrated my Aunts Birthday with an awesome family lunch on Sunday and next up is Marissa’s Birthday, its nice being here to celebrate plus saving on shipping gifts isn’t bad either! LOL! I kid!

Oh yes, why is that an elephant in the room? Now that everyone knows about my business here and my work plans which everyone was so concerned about (I kid you not) now everyone is wondering if I am dating. I am an open book and I do NOT like secrets. Here is the thing, I will always love Matt and he will always love me. You literally can NOT be with someone for 15 years and not have a lasting connection. We are both firm in that standing. But the thing is Matt and I lived as roommates for the past few years and we both fell out of love with one another which made it hard to put the pieces back together. And to some that wasn’t a secret but not something to publish on my blog. Yes, we always loved each other but you all know the difference between being in love and love. So I spent a lot of time reflecting on why and how I was ready to see what is out there now that I am back in okc. So, I went on a date or two when I got back just for fun, something to take my mind off my move and to actually just see what things are life. I mean the last time I dated was literally 15 YEARS AGO. And things are essentially the same but dating as someone 15 years older is the weird part. Im a completely different person, I want different things, my priorities have shifted so that is the interesting part for sure. And here is the thing, honestly it is no ones business. But I am seeing someone. And I will accept your judgement from the ones who say it is too soon, or blah blah blah. BUT the only thing that matters is that I am happy. So that is the elephant in the room for all of you wanting to know. I am happy plain and simple as that. And everyone can get over how you feel about that. It isn’t a secret my family and friends all know, yes Matt knows and I HOPE that Matt will start dating, he deserves happiness too. So that is where my life is currently. Currently I am very happy with my work, my family, my friends and the new person in my life.

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  1. Janet
    March 10, 2020 / 1:46 pm

    So happy for you, and all the exciting news!! Good for you to be with someone new that makes you happy. Life is too short.

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