Welcome to my Wardrobe Room

When I found my new house I immediately knew that I wanted to turn my 3rd bedroom into a walk in closet! Well first of all my home was built in the 50s so the closets would never work for me and second, when will I have a great opportunity like this?! I did a ton of research…. Container Store, California closets and even Pottery Barn but I needed the closet to be free standing since I am just renting. So that lead me to the Ikea Pax System And lucky for me my Colorado home was right by an Ikea…. since they do not deliver to Oklahoma. So first thing I had to do is have my Landlord measure the bedroom because putting the wardrobe together is a lot of trial and error, a lot of putting pieces together and seeing what fits math wise. Once I was able to figure out exactly what would work on what wall Matt and I went to load it all up at Ikea and I would just move it home with me.

I knew this was going to be a HUGE assembly so originally I had hired someone from Task Rabbit to start the build on my move in day but that fell through. Honestly I am glad it did because every time I walk into that room I see the love that went into the build out. It took my Dad, Brother-in-law and myself (for the last half) 3 days and around 12 hours to build my wardrobe room! And yes I have thanked them profusely and taken them out to dinner! So please know the time and effort this will take if you are going to put this system into your home but the price is worth it. With California Closets this would have come to around $6,000 but total for my Pax system was $1,700!

A HUGE change for me is my master bathroom in this house, I mean clearly my Colorado home was huge and the bathroom was perfect for getting ready. And here the bathroom is cute just so small, so I knew I wanted to find a vanity to put inside my closet so I can get ready using this! I got my vanity at Wayfair and you can purchase it HERE but let me say it was almost impossible to put together. My Dad said he’s never seen anything come in so many pieces. So if you are not up for that challenge I would go with something different!

I finished the room with a fun rug from Target and then a super fun black velvet bench, because even a large closet needs a catch all space! LOL! I am super pleased with how this space turned out and I am sure you will believe this because it is me……. my clothes almost didn’t fit in this room, I did have to use the overflow space in the closet inside this room to fit everything. But hey, I am who I am and like Carrie Bradshaw says I like my money where I can see it HANGING IN MY CLOSET!

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