Just a girl and her dogs

I love this saying because it couldn’t be more true! Literally Just a girl and her dogs!! I like it so much that I have it hanging on my wall, me and the boys are a little tripod and it works for us. I was so worried how they would settle into our new life, in a new state, with new faces but they have been doing so great!

They are still the same rambunctious duo barking at anything that moves and lucky for them they have an awesome front window which helps make that happen! They absolutely LOVE it when my parents stops by I love seeing their face light up when my family comes over to see them! We do have a large backyard which is great for them to roam and explore which they love! It seems that the 3 of us have put together what is somewhat of a routine and we al thrive off of routine.

I will always say this, I am so lucky to have them.

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