A check in

I have been back in Okc for almost 2 months and honestly it seems like so much longer! It truly feels like my entire life in Colorado was just that another life. It’s a weird feeling. I miss the state of Colorado and I miss my girlfriends for sure! But luckily for me we all still chat, group texts are life! LOL

The dogs are doing really well, I LOVE seeing how their faces light up when my family comes over! I have been catching up with old friends and really setting up a new routine here in Okc. It is weird, say 3 months ago I was scared to death about the move. All I knew was life with Matt for 15 years, I didn’t know how the transition would work for me….. but I completely surprised myself at how well I have transitioned. But when you expect the worst you really can only be pleasantly surprised! I also think the fact that Matt and I lived as roommates for so long before the divorce made the transition easier…easier for us both. And yes, we still talk…. You don’t just cut someone out of your life when you have known them for 15 years. I want nothing but the best for Matt and I always will.

I am proud of myself for getting back into yoga and I am trying to eat better and find a weight I am happy with. I am also proud of myself for putting myself out there…. just in general. One thing I will always be proud of is my ability to take chances. I do have somethings happening behind the scenes over here but they are just not ready for the B-L-O-G but stay tuned. Because trust me EVERYONE wants to know what AM I going to do with myself here and if you know me then you know there is ALWAYS a plan. But sometimes despite my openness on here things need to stay close to the chest.

Stay tuned this week for my final home walk through as well as a weekend recap from this past weekend!! I had such a fun Friday Family Night!!!! Happy Monday Friends!

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