Hello, 2020

I love how sometimes something unexpected happens which is how NYE went. Matt and I went out to dinner early…. our last “date night” at our favorite sushi place. Then on our way home we realized that our neighbors were having a party and after saying we will just stop by for a quick hello….. we walked home at like 1am! LOL! But it was so awesome, seeing the neighbors one more time, laughing over drinks and ringing in the new year with people who have made my years in Colorado so great. And ya, I can NOT believe I stayed up so late! BUT, yesterday we paid for that night!

Yesterday I posted to instagram about our “last supper” and I appreciate all the kind comments. If you are new here make sure you go back several posts to catch up and get the whole picture of where I am in life. It was a scary step posting something about our divorce on social media but I wanted to direct the narrative instead of people talking behind our backs like did they/didn’t they? And I am not ashamed, Matt and I were together for 15 years and I will always call this a success. Plus I also want to take you all along with me on my new beginnings, not hiding anything.

Our update: We close on our Castle Rock home on the 17th, Movers come load me up next Tuesday and then me and the boys make the long drive back one week from today. I still have so much to do but in the midst of all the packing I am having a Going Away party here Saturday night! Which will be very bittersweet I am sure. The countdown to the move is so close and I won’t lie I am super scared. I have asked Matt not to be at the house next Thursday when I load up the boys… I think seeing him wave goodbye as we are pulling away from the house would break me and him. So for a little but longer I am still dealing with this via me being disassociated!

I hope you all had a wonderful New Years day, that it was full of family, love and relaxation!

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  1. Janet W
    January 2, 2020 / 10:42 am

    Happy New Bittersweet New Year. I wondered who would get the boys but, I’m sure he works some long hours. I’m glad it was a great NYE. Keep us on your journey as you have many followers that have grown to care about you over the years. Praying for y’all.

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