A Chapter Closes

This past Tuesday Matt and I went under contract on the sale of our home. Early this Fall I placed my Real Estate License inactive not knowing what the following month would bring. So I decided to give it a go For Sale By Owner. If you have been following me long you know that I have sold both our other 2 homes this way. And I am so proud of myself, I went under contract in 15 days for full asking. And in fact the couple loves the home so much they are coming over this weekend to discuss what items of ours they want to purchase with the home. After my initial beam of pride I immediately felt like vomiting! Matt and I still live together and are sharing our life the best we can but this is the first real step. This is the closing of a HUGE chapter. I love everything about this home, I love having dinner with Matt and then watching OUR shows in this living room, I love Castle Rock, I love my community and I LOVE Colorado. So leaving all of that is hard and is going to be hard. What is next?

I will not speak for Matt because he doesn’t feel a need to share through this outlet like I do. But I will be moving home to Oklahoma in Mid-January. Colorado is one of the MOST expensive places to live and that is just not sustainable for me. Also, in Oklahoma I will have the love and support of my family and OG friends. Leaving the life I built for myself here and the relationships I have formed in Colorado is the worst. But I hope to try and spend as much time with my friends here in between packing a home as I can over the next month. In fact my sweet girls are taking me to my first NHL Avalanche game next Friday. Moving back to Oklahoma is scary, moving out of this home is scary for both of us. Our individual futures are open or should I say the next book we will both write is blank right now.

No, our divorce is not final and will not be for at least another month or two. It is so complex and even in the best of amicable circumstances it’s messy. I hate it, my heart hurts.

Both Matt and I went home last week for Thanksgiving to spend time with our families. It was hard, hard for me (I don’t speak for Matt but I am sure he felt the same). A first Holiday where a piece of me was missing, to be honest I was a miserable puss all week. I unintentionally keep my emotions bottled up (I know its not great) but it just came out in me shutting down, sleeping a lot while I was home and I caught a sinus infection. This year for Christmas I gifted my parents with a family photo shoot and all the digital images. I did this for the Savages a few years back and it’s a great gift. Of course I planned this before our separation so the actual photo shoot was not easy. I made a few jokes to cut the weirdness and I tried my best to be as jolly as I could be because this was not about me, this was about my family…. about my parents and I wanted this to be a great experience for everyone. Here is a sneak peak of the pictures….

A fun note I am wearing pink velvet booties so that made me smile! 😊

Tomorrow I am hosting my last book club Christmas at my house and most likely my last book club here. This group of women is something I am most proud of here. I left a book club in Oklahoma I loved and I wanted to create something similar here. I started the club with a great girlfriend from high school and now 4 years later I have 12 of the best friends. I connect with each of them on such a deep level and I could never repay them for giving me such a lovely community here. So tomorrow night I want to enjoy every moment be full of happiness so I can look back on great memories with my closest girls not sadness.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving with your loved ones and I hope you all are having a great start to the Christmas season! And if you live in Colorado and want to pack a box or two I will pay in wine and HUGS!


  1. Jennifer Anderson
    December 6, 2019 / 12:31 pm

    I am so sorry you are going through this. I went through a divorce 6 years ago with a 6 and 3 year old. But God gave me a new wonderful man that has brought so much joy in my life. I hope you will be given that gift. I have thought about your animals through all of this. I hope that works out as well. I know how important they are to you.

  2. Kelli
    December 9, 2019 / 2:53 pm

    I am really sorry you are going through this. I absolutely love Colorado and my heart ached reading this post. Divorce is hard, but you will make it through – I actually started following you when you lived in Ohio still (I live in Ohio!) as I was going through my own divorce and following your weight loss journey helped me and was such an inspiration to me. Please know you are not alone and will continue to help others by sharing your experiences through this outlet! <3 xx

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