Let me start off with a little update, Matt and I spent Christmas together here in Colorado by attending a Christmas Eve service, packing more in the house, moving things to storage and watching Netflix. Currently it is snowing here in Castle Rock so I am trying to take it in because it might be the last I see for a while. For NYE we are going to our favorite splurge spot for what we are dubbing “The Last Supper”. Next week Matt is going to start sleeping at his place to ease the transition. SO that is the latest with us!

Now lets talk 2020. Every year I do a word of the year that fits my goals and 2020s word is BEGIN.

Here is how I am hoping to use that word in my 2020 goals!

  • Begin finding out who I am without Matt
  • Begin to find my new path, a new future separate from Matt
  • Begin to lose the 15-20 pounds I have gained during these last few months
  • Begin to invest in myself, begin to work at becoming my best self
  • Begin to form my Okc tribe
  • Begin to start leaning into a more healthy lifestyle
  • Begin to become a powerhouse of ONE.

Honestly this list will continue to grow and evolve over the next year and I don’t think it will be easy but this is one year of goals that I have been thrown into. Some of those steps are not giving me a choice. Do you have a word of the year? Goals you are setting for yourself?

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