Labor Day Weekend

Ever since Matt and I have moved out of Oklahoma Labor Day has become the tradition where my parents come to visit! And this past weekend was full of fun, love, snuggles and well… 80s music! Friday during the day Mom, Dad and I took in some sights in Manitou Springs and then that night Matt and I took them to the country club for a cookout and 80s cover band! And I was the only one who dressed the part…. you know I love stuff like that! It did rain on us a little on and off but the night was still a winner!

The rest of the weekend was full of good food, puppy loving, golf and some scenic drives! You know I LOVE seeing how happy the dogs are when their grandparents are here. I love seeing the joy in their eyes and in my parents all weekend. It fills my heart with love and you know it… last night when I got back from the airport they were so disappointed for it to be me only to walk in!

Also we rented Rocketman on Monday and we LOVED it! I wish I had seen it sooner. But sadly it is the same old tale…. loneliness and drugs. All the greats seem to have had a hard time adjusting to fame. But regardless this is a must rent!

Overall we had such a lovely weekend and today is always sad as we get back to the real world and fill the day with cleaning and catching up! Did you all have a nice Labor Day weekend?

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