A Month of Giveaways…

I hope you all follow me on Instagram and if you don’t PLEASE do that now! You can follow me HERE or via your phone I am OkieNicole! Now, why should you follow me? I use Insta way more than FB, I do my style posts there, I have started doing more instastories and recently I have been doing some AMAZING giveaways!!! So far this month I have teamed up with several babes to give away $1000 to Target and a LV Neverfull handbag! And tonight I will be posting my latest giveaway which will be a chance to win $1000 to Nordstrom! That will get you your whole new Fall wardrobe for sure!

Earlier this month I had the absolute JOY of winning a HUGE credit to A Line Boutique and that made me so happy…. beyond happy! So I wanted to pay it forward this month! Plus I have gotten to know several other great girls on Insta!

So be sure to head over this evening to my Insta to find out who you can enter to win a $1000 Gift Card to Nordstrom!!!! Good Luck!

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