Cali Take 2, Part 2

A hotel that has ALWAYS been on my Bucket List is the Hotel Del Coronado, does anyone remember the Travel Channel show Great Hotels with Samantha Brown? Gosh, maybe over 15 years ago… but I LOVED her, I loved the show and the way she presented hotels made you fall in love and that is how I first fell in love with the Hotel Del….

Great Hotels with Samantha Brown

So Matt and I decided to stay the weekend to finish out our trip at the Hotel Del which is historic, iconic and haunted. People all week on our trip were like OH man, I can’ believe your going there it is so awesome and the hotel is….but it is a madhouse. Anyone can go use the beach, anyone can eat in the restaurants and take tours which I get but it is udder pandemonium. Everywhere you turn people are here and there this hotel is the EXACT opposite of relaxing. Check in and Check out is super stressful, us and about 200 other people waited about 4 hours to get our rooms so luggage is everywhere, restaurants are on over an hour long waits and there is nowhere to sit.

We finally got our room and let me preface it’s expensive, we could have gone to Mexico for 5+ days for what we spent in 48 hours. (Just our chips and guac were $20, lunch of tacos was over $80). Our first room literally had a condensation pipe sticking out of the bathroom ceiling which constantly dripped into the sink. We were told this was normal and I could only laugh so each time I would use the sink water would just hit my head? UNREAL. So Saturday we were moved to another room which was much better. But isn’t that the weirdest thing you have heard?

I will say all the food was great, very very expensive but really great. Our Saturday spent on the beach was full of super yummy Tacos and Margaritas from the “Taco Shack”. We spent all day in our chairs or toes in the water and ignored the crazy hustle and bustle all around us. That was a really great day.

Back up to Friday… Matt and I always go see a ballgame if we can in each city, we also get a hat from each stadium which makes it fun! The weather was perfect and their stadium is great which made for a great Friday night for a relaxing game!

Overall out trip to Southern California was great it could have been a little better here and there but Matt and I both love the warm and the sunshine which we got plenty of!

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