High vs Low

For the first time in many years I am NOT ready for Fall to arrive. Stores are already stocked for Fall and the mall is getting Fall pieces in and I am over here like “Summer JUST started” in Colorado at least. For me that spills over into what I am buying, its hard to want to buy anything for colder weather already? I mean who is with me? All of this brings me to today, I am SUPER excited to share with you two looks a Higher end version and a lower end version both you can wear NOW or later when the cool weather hits!! And what I am really loving about these looks is the 90s vibe…. I am “As If”

LOW $59 HIGH $169

Lower end look:

Higher end look:

Pieces to go with for Summer and Fall:

TIP!!! I usually wear a small at Forever 21 but the cheetah skirt runs small so be sure to size up! THEN the Police tee runs large so size down! I hope that helps!!!!!!!!

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