Girls Weekend

PLUS REBECCA!!!!!!!!! lol

Each Summer I LOVE taking my Book Club to the mountains for a weekend of wine, books and so so many laughs. And yup, there are matching shirts involved! This year I wanted us to ride the train or maybe do a mine tour but the best thing happens… we are just too happy enjoying the mountain air and chatting so we mostly just stay at the cabin all weekend! A few of us went on a 2 mile hike while the others stayed and read.

We went down to little Main Street Georgetown to check out the library book sale, have a beer at the brewery with live music and have a lovely brunch at my favorite breakfast place. Saturday we did a grill out potluck and I loved it. I love how everyone pitches in and we all seem to work like a well oiled machine. We played games and laughed more than I have in a long time and isn’t that the best feeling? Just pure joy and laughter? We all need more of that in our live don’t you think?

My favorite part of the weekend was “Crafts with Nicole” and of course we painted wine glasses because…. wine! We don’t all have super creative genes but we had so much fun although messy fun but fun! This was a great group activity and so easy, I’ll add the instructions to the end of this post!

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