Mango Margarita

How was everyone’s Memorial weekend? Mine was ok, I wasn’t feeling well on Saturday which made me cancel some plans but I was able to still get some things done the other days which was nice. Funny thing over this weekend Colorado had hail, storms, beautiful sunshine and cold winds… I guess we covered all seasons in 3 days!

Monday night the clouds broke so Matt and I were able to go ahead and use our new grill for the first time and we pretended it was warmer than it was with margaritas! I don’t love sweet drinks so I wanted to create a mango margarita that wasn’t too sweet and had hints of jalapeƱo in it! And I have to say we both loved it!! I knew as soon as I tasted it I had to share it with you all today!

There seem to be a ton of mango margarita recipes online that involve fresh mango chunks blended and that’s great, I will do that one day but I wanted an EASY go to that didn’t involve any kitchen gadget! I mean you get it right? So you can see peaking from the back of my ingredients I got the V8 mango juice with a hint of peach from the grocery store and I am obsessed! And to make it even easier Agave nectar instead of simple syrup. I am all for making your own simple syrup but the agave was perfect for this drink!

This recipe makes 2 tall glasses or 4 short margarita glasses and only requires a little SHAKE! I also used a chili glass Rimmer but plain salt would be great also! I got my Chili/Salt Rim from Williams-Sonoma but you can just as easily make it at home! Here is my recipe friends, make sure to pin this to your Pinterest boards to use all Summer long! ENJOY

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