The Dirt

Sometimes I just need a change is anyone else with me on that? For me changing my hair is the best way to infuse some life but also in a way that can be changed back! LOL! I am lucky in that my hair grows 1/2inch a month so if I do something I regret in a couple of months that will be something of the past! I have had bangs before, in fact when we got married I did but I wanted something new. If you know me then you know I love classic rock and I love to dress in my concert tees with some 70s swag so…….. why not a modern 70s SHAG! Seems like the perfect Ode to Summer!

So who has seen The Dirt on Netflix? The Motley Crue biopic? We watched it a few weeks ago and LOVED it. I didn’t tell Matt I was cutting my hair so when he first saw me he immediately started doing air guitar! HA! So maybe that movie had a little inspiration for this new do without me realizing it…… I guess my alter ego is now Nikki Sixx!

Anyways guys I wanted to share my “New Hair, Who Dis” with you all and since we are talking about it check out the trailer for the Dirt and FYI…. it’s raunchy.

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