Savage Office Remodel

HI!!!! I am ALIVE!!!!!! Every single day on my to-do list is BLOG, I have so much to share but lately I have just been floundering. Does that make sense? Jan-April is hard for me I hate to call it seasonal affective depression because I love the snow but every year, same thing. I seem to find myself not loving things I once did (blogging) as much as I usually do among other things! BUT I am here today and the sun is shining!

My husband and I are moving our office to a new space in the same building. Matt is working on the design, build out and logistics…. moving an entire office and staff is not easy. Matt has tasked me with interior design. A lot of our prior office stuff will be making the move but most won’t, we love a fresh start and remodel! I have designed 2 small spaces today I thought I would share with you. The overall concept is still “Farmers Insurance”, we have vintage prints and will have a Farmers blue wall and logo. But, this time around I want to bring in a more “man cave” industrial look, like an office space you want to come work at everyday. I am toning down the reds and opting for only red touches and playing up all the shades of blues, greys and pairing them with the already owned espresso furniture. Matt wanted to get away from that color on desks but that is a HUGE expense so other than having his office furniture designed we are keeping with everything else.

We don’t have the exact design of Matt’s new office furniture but what he needs right now is a space designed for interviews. Whether he sits next to someone for a one on one meeting or if he is sitting behind his desk. So I picked out this rug to anchor the space and I found these awesome velvet chairs! I read reviews and the color of this chair is exactly the swatch I included not that light blue. I love how the legs are black iron to tie in the espresso and industrial but the rug makes it chic and homey.

Ignore the prices, that is for Matt. I am using this post as my presentation for my hubby and of course that needs to include my awesome deals!!!!!

We are not going to have a full break room anymore but of course will have a fridge and a coffee bar. This will be going in the main “bull pen” along with the next board with chairs. On one wall will be a large TV for presentations and watching sports of course and I loved this side board because of the storage! I like the sign to add in some red and the same open shelving with iron accent that we put into our basement.

I am giving Matt some options on chairs because leather club chairs are not cheap. But I LOVE the look of two large inviting leather chairs facing the TV for agents to relax, have lunch or hold a casual meeting. The rug will bring in the blues, brown, greys as well as the espresso touches to match the desks. I also picked out both of these accent tables which will be going places as well!

I will keep you up to date on the remodel and design, I think our move date is in June. You know I LOVE a good before/after!!!!

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  1. Janet W
    April 11, 2019 / 10:35 am

    Glad to have you back posting again. I am sorry you have been struggling with the snow and I think the weather showed y’all may be having some now. Can’t wait to see before and after!! Take care.

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