Mrs. Colorado 2019

I can’t believe this pageant was 2 weeks AGO! I will say all last week I had the “pageant hangover” aka sever sinus infection. I am still getting over it that’s for sure! Ok, ok I know you all want all the details and I am here for ya! The pageant week was Wednesday thru Saturday night and it was NON stop. I was so exhausted but I loved how smooth everything ran, I loved the process and I loved how it was so focused on us as “Sister Queens”. Everyone was so supportive of one another and I loved meeting everyone. The experience for me over all was great, just what I hoped it would be.

Wednesday was orientation dinner followed by a long Thursday. Thursday started with interviews, rehearsal and then the preliminaries. This was the night that the judges picked the Top 12 but we didn’t find out who that was until the finals on Saturday. Friday was rehearsal all day and a fun inspiring luncheon. The theme was “Every Story Matters” and I loved learning so much about all the ladies and thinking within myself about my own story and why.

In the end I didn’t make the cut and of course I was disappointed, I was so proud of myself and I felt good about everything I did. And there is nothing wrong with wanting to win. When my name wasn’t called I literally thought “hmmm, something about me doesn’t translate well in this arena. ok” and I was is proud about that, I accepted it and realized that on any given night another set of judges could have different results. This experience was COMPLETELY different from the pageant in January. I can’t say that enough.

This past week I had my judges results call with the director and that was AMAZING. Everything she said made perfect sense and was so enlightening. I will not share everything because that is for myself but I do not mind sharing some with you all. First off something I was shocked and SO EXCITED to hear was that I was TOP 6 in interview! Literally out of everyone. The judges said they loved me, I was confident, engaging, they loved my interview shoes (ha) and they said I was an amazing story teller! Way to go me! Now, with interview being 50% of the score I should have been in the Top 12 and was told I was in a tie and it didn’t go my way. BUT the judges lost me on stage. That was a bit hard to hear that I was not memorable and they hated my hair. I get that I was unhappy also with my hair. Most ladies paid someone to do their hair and I did mine myself so I get that, even Matt said he didn’t like it but what can ya do?! NOW….. I knew my Ballgown was a risk. A form fitting gown is what everyone usually chooses and I knew that. I knew it could go either way for me and I was hoping that in a sea of form fitting gowns and bling that I would stand out in a good way. Long story short the judges didn’t like it. It wasn’t a hit and that was a risk I took on and I own that. I LOVED my dress and stand by it but sure I’ll do something different if there is a next time. I felt really positive about my results moving forward.

Before my judges results call I was a strong no about doing this again because hey, listen not everything is for everyone. But hearing my results and how I was right there I am going to consider it. What do you guys think?

I have to also thank a few of my friends that came to support me I can NOT tell you how much that meant to me. You know who you are and I LOVE you. Also thanks to my Matty for accepting this pageant and really committing along with me, I loved feeling like a team again. The day after the pageant none of us felt well…. Melissa, Matt or I. We never stay up past 1am and we paid for that. And usually I have so much planned for my guests but this Sunday was perfect! The three of us sat at a new place in Castle rock, talked about old time and had bloody Mary’s and it was perfect! She told me not to post this picture because but I love it, this is all us naturally with true smiles and I love that!

If you want to know what shoes I wore for the interview, here they are and GUESS WHAT? They are on MEGA sale (of course now they are) Click HERE to check them out and purchase and they come in more colors!


  1. Jenny Cody-Knopp
    April 11, 2019 / 1:58 pm

    I’m so proud of you, Nicole. You looked beautiful.

  2. Linda Casey
    April 17, 2019 / 7:50 am

    I’ve been in pageants most my adult life. Back in Texas, it’s a way of life for young women to make them attractive to potential suitors. I have never in my life done a pageant like this one in Colorado. Omg! We were allowed to be broken. It was not expected for us to be perfect. The experience was like no pageant I’ve ever competed in before. I do agree, you and all the other women were all beautiful inside and out. BTW, I loved your dress.

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