So I am doing a thing, Take 2

You all know that last month I did my first pageant ever. You can read all about that announcement here! I was recruited and I knew going into it that this was the first year of that particular pageant. I had also spoken to a director at another pageant but ultimately I made the decision to compete in the United States of Colorado pageant. I did my weekend recap that you can read HERE

That weekend was not exactly what I or many of the delegates really expected. And I won’t go into anything more on that. My let down after that pageant was NEVER that I did not win, it was that the pageant wasn’t the experience I expected. And that is a let down, but that is on me. I choose this pageant because it was small and new, thinking it would be a great introduction and in many ways it was a good start for sure. NOW, fast forward to the past few weeks and I made a new decision. I spoke with the director for the Mrs. Colorado America pageant, the pageant that has been around for 43 years. This pageant has the history and let’s just say its the “Big leagues”

I have decided to give this another go. I feel like I want the “true” experience, I want the opportunity to shine on a level playing field with all the other delegates. I want to walk away with new friends and a feeling of accomplishment. It’s funny how this “announcement” is oddly hard for me.. I was and still am a little worried that people will be like “Oh, she didn’t win one so here she goes again” OR “who does Nicole think she is” and I have to take the advice I have gotten… WHO CARES. If you are my friend then you know me and will be happy for me and support me!

I am excited, I have 9 weeks to prep and this time Mrs. Castle Rock already has a delegate so I am your 2019 Mrs. Castle Pines! This past already reached out to Mrs. Colorado 2017 and we met for lunch where she let me pick her brain as well as my friend in Oklahoma who is the current Mrs Oklahoma! So I am building upon my last experience as well as the advice of others who have done this exact thing. You can read more about this pageant HERE

I will be filling you in on much more as time goes on and how to come and watch. It is Saturday March 30!

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  1. Janet
    February 5, 2019 / 11:13 am

    Congratulations! So excited for you and all the potential it has to be an awesome experience.

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