New Shots, who dis?

Last week you all were so super helpful when I asked advice on my current headshots for the upcoming Mrs. Colorado America pageant. If you missed that post you can check back by clicking HERE. Ultimately I decided to get new headshots but wanted to use my same photographer because we work so well together. And not only was I her first “pageant” client, I forgot sometimes this is my first time also! (Check her out HERE) So we did a RUSH session plus edits the past two days since everything is due FRIDAY!

I want to share with you all my new shots because I have loved getting my friends involved in this process, it makes this all more fun and plus I love the feedback. It also makes me feel like not only do you have my back but more so that I am going to kill this for YOU! NOW, please feel free to comment on your fav but I have already chosen my headshot. I have decided to keep a little mystery about my final decision for a little bit longer, until the website goes live! Also, I asked her to do bare “minimum” editing because I want to look like myself. I have seen other headshots where the person looks completely different in person and I want to be ME, real Nicole…. but with better makeup! LOL

Here are the guidelines:

  • My program headshot must be in black and white
  • The exact same program headshot must be submitted in color for the website
  • Lastly that same headshot in color will be handed over in print to a modeling agency to pick Most Photogenic who will receive a modeling contract. And between us, I really want that!
  • I will then pick another picture from this group today and I am designing my feature page for the program book which will also be in black and white. Hence the options!
  • Also the pictures submitted MUST be in 5×7 form

Thanks for taking this crazy new journey with me friends!

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  1. Jennifer Anderson
    February 13, 2019 / 9:59 am

    All are fantastic. I would pick between the red and the gold top. The red is awesome with the way your hair is blowing….

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