What a weekend!

Last weekend as you all know I competed in my FIRST pageant ever. I picked a smaller circuit pageant for my first time to see what pageants were all about and to “Ease” myself into this entirely new thing . The overall weekend was truly fun and very exhausting… mostly mentally draining being constantly “ON” and of course practicing in heels was killer on my feet. But I still loved it. The first night we had our welcome dinner and I loved the dress I chose. It was my personality to a T! I mean weenie dogs are you kidding me?

Saturday morning was our “round robin” style interview with all 5 judges one being a Denver Broncos Hall of Famer Rod Smith. I am going to be real here the way this was set us was not great, it was hard to showcase myself. So you sat at a judges table and then you had 3 minutes to be interviewed which wasn’t the problem… The problem was then when we moved to the second judge the judge then had 1 MINUTE to score the person before us and look at our BIO! 1 MINUTE! So one judge when I was talking during my 3 minutes was looking at the iPad scoring the delegate prior to me and then actually looked up and said “I’m sorry, what did you say” and let me tell you that is a HUGE punch to the gut. And in fact one judge had to leave early so 1/2 of the delegates where judged by someone else! I mean I am just saying that is ridiculous and no one was thrilled! But I am good in front of people and I felt I did the best with the situation that was presented to me. The better news is that after my interview Matt drove Mom down to The Broadmoor and we all had lunch together! Then Mom stayed the rest of the weekend with me making it a bit of a staycation!

All Saturday afternoon and Sunday we had rehearsals which was fun because it was really the first time we were all together for a long time and had a chance to talk and get to know one another better while we were rehearsing or waiting our time to walk the runway! Sunday I got ready in my room, did my own hair and makeup in a relaxed setting with just Mom and a fun playlist! This is in the green room before show time and this is our opening number dress..

Now I may not have placed but I am so proud of myself. I mean you guys I walked a runway in a SWIMSUIT in my late 30s. With NO tights. Thats huge. Each time I left the stage I felt great, I did my personal best and I will be honest with you guys I was upset at the results. I guess I didn’t realize how much I wanted to win until I was up there I that picture and the winners were being announced. I think when you put all of yourself into something of course you will be sad/disappointed. One thing I realized is that I missed performing. I know this was different than dancing but the “Walk” and the different looks were all a type of performing and I miss the stage. It made me feel young again! LOL but totally true!

I want to THANK everyone who supported me and sent me well wishes during last weekend you all really lifted me up and I honestly think I was able to walk taller knowing you all were behind me. This past week people have been asking would I do this again? In this particular organization the answer is NO. And I am not the only one who thinks that, so many other delegates I spoke to after feel the same way which is sad. BUT this past week I have given that a lot of thought and I really think I would do this again. Go thru a different organization maybe the Mrs. America instead to ensure that I get the true experience and see how it differs from this past weekend. I will say I will definitely use my same gown again even thought everyone saw it but I got so many compliments I felt great in it. Here is the back which was the BEST part…

It’s a little weird getting back to normal life. I mean there were the Holidays then I was so sick for like 10 days and then pageant prep and pageant weekend. So now I am like ok, it’s January and I need to get ready for the year. Next week it is back to yoga and taking a look at my business plan for this year. But I do get a big treat…. next weekend my Becky will be here for the weekend! YAY! So today I am planning out our weekend of fun and relaxation!

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