Pageant Prep

A lot of you have been asking me this week about my Pageant make-up and I can proudly say I did it myself! Somethings I already owned and some I bought for the pageant because my overall look needed to be much heavier than a normal day to day look! You all have inspired me and I wanted to share with you all my steps today and what I used! I loved every piece of make-up I used and 100% recommend all this for you for sure!

At the bottom of this picture I have listed out each item with the number listed as well as a link to direct you to the website to buy it. Easy peasy for you all my friends! And if you have any questions just comment or shoot me an email at

  1. I started with the photo finish primer from smash box and I have been using this on special occasions since my wedding, it works wonders. Purchase yours HERE.
  2. Next up NEVER put eyeshadow on a blank eyelid, even daily I use a shadow primer and this was truly held up for 8+hours! Get shadow insurance HERE
  3. Always do your complete eye before moving on to your face, because so much shadow will fall onto your face and it can get hard to remove. I recently discovered Huda and I am obsessed. This pallet is full of nudes and pink tone shadows and I loved this. Get yours HERE
  4. Another brand I love is Julep, mostly for their nail polishes but there make up is no joke! I used their eyeliner pencil because I wanted a more softer line than a harsh liquid line to complete my eye. Check out Julep HERE
  5. Diorshow mascara is the best! I use this daily and I love it. End of story, you need this. Buy it HERE
  6. After your eyes are done next up foundation. I used Born This Way and I loved that it was a full coverage but didn’t make my face feel heavy or caked on at all. I will use this from time to time for date nights and things for sure! Check it out HERE
  7. Concealer comes next and I use this Nars one daily, I love it. See it HERE
  8. Next up is contouring, I have usually used a powder bronzer but I LOVE this liquid one. Now you have to use a sponge and really blend away and at first its so dark but once a setting powder goes on top it is perfect! Get it HERE
  9. I also always use a powder blush and I still do with this look but I wanted a bit more to POP so I used the Julep roll on blush and I can’t say enough good things about this. Its great and I love a bright pink to make my cheeks POP! Pick yours out HERE
  10. Next up is to set all the make up on your face and I LOVE this Huda setting powder in Pound Cake! Love THIS!
  11. My eyebrows are microbladed but I still put on some brow powder so they stand out more. I use this Anastasia brand daily and I love it. You can buy it HERE
  12. I then top my brows off with a tinted gel to give them a little dimension and to help them stay in place. Once again I love Anastasia for THIS
  13. I then use a little highlighter to brighten up the top of my cheeks, the top of my nose and a little on my forehead. I love this pallet because of all the fun sheer options. See it HERE
  14. Last for my face I brush on a little of this Nars powder blush to really bring my cheeks out! I Love this blush and you will too, get some HERE
  15. Lastly is lips, I actually used a dark pink for opening number as well as swimsuit and then changed into a red for evening gown. I used the same brand for both colors, Julep. This goes on like a dream and doesn’t dry out my lips, I always get so many compliments when I wear a Julep lipstick! get you some HERE

I hope that this post will inspire you to branch out with your makeup from time to time. I mean makeup is suppose to be fun!

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