verb\ˈgrō  \grew\ˈgrü  \; grown\ˈgrōn  \; growing

Definition of grow 

intransitive verb

1ato spring up and develop to maturity

bto be able to grow in some place or situation trees that grow in the tropics

bINCREASEEXPANDgrows in wisdom

In 2018 my word of the year was Wellness and I am so proud to report that I honestly did a smashing job at my goals towards this word. Am I more well than I was last year? Absolutely, next week is the 1 year Anniversary of me starting yoga and I did it strong all year long. I did seek out new treatments for my migraines which was on the list and I will continue to do so. Wellness for me isn’t something that I am going to push aside now it can really develop in my 2019 word of the year which is GROW! I want to grow into my yoga practice, grow into eating a vegan diet and grow/expand with new ways to help my migraines. What other ways am I going to use my word of the year GROW? I am so glad you asked! (LOL)

  • I am going to GROW in my relationship with Matt
  • I want to GROW my business, both Real Estate and my blogging
  • I want to GROW as a person
  • I want to GROW as a Yogi
  • I want to GROW in the kitchen and expand my culinary knowledge

And I could go on and on but this year I do not want to sit and become stale, I want to move forward. Grow in fun, grow with my family and so much more. I hope that in a year from now I can give a good report on 2019, I hope to see growth thru change and new experiences as much as my much needed alone time with my dogs.

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