Risotto Night

I fell in love with Risotto in my early 20s when I started working at a fine dining restaurant and lucky me I was also taught how to make it at home. It takes practice, time and prep work and I still love making it the old fashion way by hand BUT a few years ago I got the Breville Risotto maker for Christmas and I have never turned back. The maker is one of my most used kitchen gadgets and it literally makes near perfect risotto every time!

Last night for dinner I made a vegetarian dinner of mascarpone risotto with roasted Brussels sprouts and it was too die for! I am going to share my recipe the old fashion way but the risotto maker can easily do most of the work for you and it is a easy transition.

Here is the final dish and don’t worry if your sprouts are too brown, I promise they are better that way! If there is no color on them this will not taste the same! And if you are wondering where my plaid placemats came from…HomeGoods of course!

The link to buy the Breville Risotto maker is HERE, you guys it is so worth it.. you can also use it as a small slow cooker or for cooking plain rice! If you have any questions on it shoot me an email (nsavage@live.com)

Happy Risotto making friends!

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