People’s Choice

You guys, I need your help!!!!! From Now until Jan 14 is the time to vote for People’ Choice for the United States of America’s Miss Colorado. (I am in the Mrs. Division) The pageant is kicking off the last month and a half before pageant weekend with December Days of Delegates!


This is the headshot I have chosen for the pageant and you know me I love to WIN! And with your help we can make that happen!

Now, each vote is $2 and a portion of every vote will go to my foundation of choice which is the American Migraine Foundation.¬†As part of my platform for my upcoming Mrs. Colorado with United States of America’s Miss Colorado I want to raise awareness and funds for a debilitating and invisible illness that has affected my life for 20 years. Everyday is a challenge and migraines are not something people seem to take seriously unless you have had one!
So each vote for me will hopefully fund a cure…

How to vote? Click HERE to be directed to the website to vote, then click on my smiling face and ta da…. done! Vote now and often! LOL

Feel free to share this blog post with your friends and family and THANK you guys already because I know you are going to help!

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