Okie a la’ Mode Skin Care Guide

Hey everyone! Today is ALL about SKIN! Over the past month I have gotten a few messages about what I use and what I do, so this is for YOU! First of all its in my genes, my Mom has fair skin and she has always looked so much younger than she is.

Second my number ONE RULE is: NEVER ever sleep with makeup on! Every single night no matter what, even if I don’t have makeup on I wash my face before bed and then again in the morning. Then always moisturize after even if you do nothing else. I know it sounds so simple and honestly it is. Today I am going to tell you the other simple things I do daily and weekly which help but if you take nothing from this post WASH YOUR FACE!

Over the years I have used a few different brands but this past year I switched over to Estee Lauder and I am not looking back. I know your thinking isn’t this what your grandma uses? YES, mine does and that is why our grandmas look so good. Sometimes tried and true is the best. Also, a year ago there was an article in Oprah Magazine about the product #4 below, the Perfectionist serum and they were right it will change your life!


  • Twice a week I exfoliate, rub rub rub away that old skin on my face! My favorite face polish for years is #6, by Fresh their Sugar Face Polish. And that little jar will last like a year, I promise! That exfoliator has strawberries in it and it makes my face feel so great after! You can buy it HERE
  • Also once or twice a week I do an at home mask. I mostly use the free samples I get from Sephora but I especially love the Clay Purifying Mask also by Fresh! It really helps to draw out yuckies from the week and leave my face feeling extra clean. You can get it HERE

Here is my Daily Routine:

  • I have never used a separate eye makeup remover and with this Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean face wash you will never need to. I love this, it only takes a little, has a great lather and leaves me clean! Buy yours HERE and it’s on SALE this week!
  • Next up I use the Glossier “Solution” on my face with a cotton pad. This is a toner/face clearing solution all in one. And this does NOT dry out my skin! This has really really helped curb my random breakouts! It has been a life saver! get yours HERE
  • After your glossier has had a few minutes to really soak in then use one pump of the Estee Lauder Perfectionist serum! During the day this almost acts as a makeup primer all while working to erase fine lines! This is worth it! Get yours HERE
  • Morning and night I use the Revitalizing Supreme + by Estee Lauder, it is rich and creamy but leaves my face with no oily or weird residue! I love it and it works great in the Colorado dry Winters! Buy yours HERE today because it is also on SALE! This is the last step in my routine!

Two Night time staples:

  • At night I use the Estee Lauder Advance time Zone eye balm and I love it, it really hydrates which I love! Check it out HERE
  • Lastly my secret weapon and TRUST ME you need to buy this and use it nightly! The Laneige Lip sleeping mask. This little jar of wonder is all you need, it hydrates AND plumps over night. Every morning I wake up with awesome lips, for real you guys you need it! Get yours HERE


There you have it, all my secrets for you to use! I do try and get a facial maybe a few times a year but by doing my weekly exfoliating and mask it’s like having a quick one at home. I hope this was helpful for you all and please reach out if you have any questions nsavage@live.com

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