HUGE news here on Okie a la’ Mode!!!

What is RewardStyle is an affiliate network that connects retailers with influencers/bloggers through a shoppable platform called When a reader or follower purchases a product through one of my affiliate links, I make a small commission from the purchase. This is similar to what a store clerk would make should they sell you something in store. This DOES NOT cost you anything additional. It’s essentially giving me a small amount of credit for referring you to the retailer.

Now say you go to the retailer’s page after looking at a particular product only to find they don’t have your size. Instead, you shop around and buy a few other items from the same retailer. I still get credit for any purchases you make on that retailer’s page because I was the ultimate reason you went to them in the first place (pretty cool huh?!).

Also important, if you see me post about a Free People Graphic Tee on your phone and go to your computer, go directly to the retailer’s site without using one of my links I will not get credit for the sale. Similarly, if you purchase something in store, I will not get the credit because the retailer has no way to track it back to me. So, to give me credit, you always have to purchase through one of my links! This new small commission I HOPE to make is part of how I will keep this blog running. Although it can seem pretty easy, blogging takes a lot of work! In addition to hard work, it also costs money!

How to shop my posts:

  1. Download the FREE app (available for both iPhone and Android!) or sign up online HERE
    1. Follow me in the app – my outfits will then instantly be available to you along with content I post exclusively to the app (sale items, try-ons etc).
    2. Join Instagram! Its my favorite app and I buy most of my outfits via instagram and this app! Follow me HERE
    3. On Instagram:
      1. After downloading the App and following me, you will then be able to “like” or “screenshot” any of my posts where you see the hashtag “liketkit” in the caption and all of my outfit details will be sent to your email or the app within 5 minutes (you have the option to opt out of emails if you prefer!)
    4. BLOG! Coming soon I will have a shop my looks page added so you can shop with direct links from here, give me a little time to get that all hammered out!

Yay you guys! I am so excited for what this will do for you AND my blog! And dob’t worry I will be giving links to home decor finds as well as things I LOVE for the kitchen!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to shoot me an email

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