Before I start this post I wanted to thank everyone for their kind words on my previous post, they meant a lot to me. But getting messages from fellow survivors who drew from my strength to share their story with me makes it all worth it. Knowing you are not alone even though the common thread is sexual abuse is comforting, knowing someone believes you, loves you and understands you. Thank you all.

Today I want to invite you all to join Rachel Hollis’s Last 90 Days Challenge. You can sign up to join HERE

What I love about the idea of this challenge is setting reasonable goals to finish out the end of the year or to “re-up” your original goals from the beginning of 2018. And how true is it that it will be great to enter into 2019 feeling full of life instead of depleted and on empty. Each week blogger Rachel will be sending out challenge emails to encourage and inspire but in the meantime she created the 5 to Thrive which we can all do!

For me I have set a few goals some are already buy goals for 2018, I want to finish strong and one is new:

  1. Yoga twice a week
  2. Outside walks once a week when weather permits (because, Colorado YO)
  3. Take my daily vitamins and supplements
  4. Eat 50% Vegan, 45% Vegetarian and 5% occasional fish (I found that this system works best for me)
  5. Cut out fast food as my food group to cut out
  6. ENJOY the holiday season with my friends and family. I want to do Fall things here, embrace the changing season, celebrate with my friends and end the year with Christmas in Oklahoma!

What are your goals for your #last90days

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