End of Summer Chili Pot

This past weekend I made one of my all time favorite meals and I couldn’t believe I have not shared it with you all yet! Shame, shame. I have been making this for around 8+ years and this is one of those recipes that was based on something but each year becomes more my own. Also BONUS you can literally use what you have around the fridge, hence your end of Summer produce!

And I know you can thank me later but a recipe made with only beer is a plus! NOW you can absolutely use veggie stock if you don’t have a beer on hand. I like using a Mexican beer in this recipe but with it being Fall I think a nice Fall ale would also be great and change up the flavor profile a bit!

I don’t know about you but I feel like I have been waiting for cooler weather to start making my soups, chili’s and stews and I am tired of waiting. Although this coming Monday night at Casa Savage the low is 29 but this past weekend I was like YES…. end of Summer Pot for the warm weather win! I LOVE throughout Fall and Winter making a pot of something warm on Sunday and then having Matt and I eat the leftovers for lunch throughout the week and that is exactly what I did with this!

If you don’t have 1 zucchini, 1 squash on hand or any ingredient USE what you have. NO chilis but 2 red peppers…. awesome! In this recipe I like my veggies soft but not too too soft if you know what I mean so about 12 minutes is great BUT it could take longer since the pot is so full! I also love the use of Lime zest and the juice in this to brighten it up!

When you add your tomatoes do NOT drain, it is that juice plus the beer that makes the yummy broth alone. But feel free if you want yours more thinned out to add whatever stock you have on hand!

I served mine on Sunday with Vegan cornbread and I literally just ate this for lunch again today, You will love it. Trust me! Also if you want to add meat then easy peasy…… switch out browned ground turkey for the white beans! I use to make it just like that before adopting a more plant based lifestyle!

Something I LOVE to top my chili with is a smoked cheese…. Gouda or Cheddar, take your pic it just adds a nice depth plus the crunch of the green onion….. WHAM! I hope you all will love this recipe as much as I have over the years!

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