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Sorry I have been away everyone but sometimes life gets in the way of blogging (how dare it). But I am back at it, getting back into a more normal routine after traveling to Oklahoma twice in a month and our basement finish is wrapping up! If you follow me on social media you know by now that I am a Auntee again and I was in Tulsa for his birth. Let me start by saying that I had the best weekend. It might have been just waiting around a lot and doing what we could for my sister-in-law and my brother but it felt really good to be helpful plus Mom, Dad, Marissa and I did it all together which was nice.

Don’t worry I am about to talk about baby very very soon…..what was great is that the hospital was right across from the best shopping area in Tulsa so you know that Mom, Marissa and I had to pop over for an hour at least once! Also one night Jordan’s parents spent time alone time with her in the hospital and she insisted that Curtis go ahead and go to dinner with us to celebrate his early Birthday. It was the first time in a long while that the original 5 were alone. It was super special.

Now the reason for the celebration…….

Devereaux Alexander DuBois was born on Friday October 5 at 5:25 in the evening.

He gave us all a little scare by spending his first days in the NICU but all is well now and he is healthy and happy at home. It was just so hard for us all because we were desperate to hold him and kiss on him and we couldn’t even touch him. Jordan was amazing and I am so glad she let us all come and be together all weekend and hang out with her in the hospital. What a wonderful Mommy she is going to be!

We all got a real treat, Sunday before I flew home and everyone drove back to Okc we got to hold him in the NICU! AND guess what? Auntee Nicole was the very first person other than his Mom and Dad to get to hold him. And you better believe I won’t let him ever forget that. We were all so in love with all his gold blonde hair!

I mean how cute is this picture of my sister holding him? You can just tell he knows how much he is loved for sure!

You guys baby’s first selfie. I think he has Curtis’s nose and since we have the same nose I am going to go ahead and say that baby looks like me! LOL! And ya, it’s crazy I can’t believe my little brother has a baby. After we took this picture we had a moment with just the three of us and nothing really needed to be said but you could feel the love and we both teared up. That passing moment is something I will always cherish and for so many reasons, seeing my brother pour out so much love and being a Dad to start…. even as I write this, it chokes me up. But also the silence where nothing needs to said but thinking and him knowing that I wish it could be me too.

For those wondering this weekend was not hard at all for me, not once did I feel sorry for myself but only felt love for everyone in my family.

I was so lucky to be in the room when my parents held their first grandchild for the first time and that was very special. Seeing my brother pass his baby to them to hold is something I will always remember and I was lucky enough to be there to share in their moment. ¬†And ya if you can’t tell he already has them wrapped around his fingers! LOL

It was a quick weekend but full of love. Marissa and I shared a bed like old days, we all shared laughter and memories. It was the best weekend. So congrats again to Curtis and Jordan… you made a BABY! Ahhh! And welcome to the crew baby Dev.


  1. Janet W
    October 17, 2018 / 9:36 am

    He is perfect and so precious. I wondered about you and knew a little part of your heart had to be hurting but, the amount of love and joy would help overcome it. I was the first (after the parents) to hold 2 of my nieces and they are in college and I remind them all the time, we are super close and I assume that is why. I know you and Dev will be really close too! That is awesome that y’all have the same nose and maybe as he gets older, other features too. Welcome to the Auntee club, it is a awesome!

  2. Jordan DuBois
    October 24, 2018 / 12:39 pm

    I’m just so glad you were all able to be there and that you got to hold him before you had to leave!

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