At Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work?


When I was introduced to Smile Brilliant, I was excited to try a customized whitening tray and honestly had no idea what to expect. I thought I already had a relatively white smile, but knowing the amount of coffee I drink every day plus my love for red wine, I wanted to give it a try! I have done Crest White Strips in the past and I hated them, just the thought of peeling that sticky strip off my teeth makes me cringe! So the idea of trays was perfect for me!

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A box including molds arrived to my house, and I could easily make impressions of my teeth from my own bathroom. Instructions and whitening syringes were also in the box, making it easy to have everything in one place.  And here it is folks, my BEFORE…. yikes!

Also who doesn’t love getting boxes in the mail? For me that was certainly an added side bonus!

After mailing my impressions in, tray molds of my teeth were mailed back, which only took a few days. Now that I had custom-fitted trays, I added whitening solution to them, put them on for an hour and let them work magic! Instructions recommended starting them out at 45 minutes, and as you get accustom to them, you can keep them on up to 3 hours. So the fact that this system fits into my busy lifestyle is great!

I’ve stuck with an hour each time since I’ve typically put them in before bed while reading. After taking them out, I rinsed the trays, dried them with a q-tip, and then added a desensitizing gel and put them back in for 15 minutes. This gel helps the whitening truly soak in, as well as helping prevent any sensitivity. I realized that the whitening gel did not hurt my teeth but I continued with the desensitizing gel as a precaution.


The convenience of having comfortable trays that you could talk in instead of a strip that makes you foam at the mouth made teeth whitening something I didn’t dread doing. Though the time commitment felt longer, the experience when they were in was better than any other whitening product that I’ve tried.

After each session, I didn’t noticed any tooth sensitivity and found the trays pleasantly comfortable to use.  My teeth were already fairly white (ISH), so I wasn’t expecting a huge change, but they are definitely a truer white now, having lost the hint of yellow! Here I am cheesing it up with my brighter more Brilliant smile!

What is also great about this system is that I will continue to use Smile Brilliant from time to time to keep up my white smile and so that I can continue to love my red wine!


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