I finally did it, I joined the FabFitFun cult that bloggers and celebrities adore and I have to say…. me like!!! First of all I LOVE getting things in the mail and getting packages much to my husbands disdain. What I love about this subscription box is that everything is full size and you are allowed to customize your box if you want before it ships 4xs a year!

I just customized my Fall box which I am hoping will ship out in a week or two but this is what I got inside my Summer box! There is a cute blanket inside, a make-up bag which I have already used on weekend getaways, lotion, necklace and MUCH more! Definitely worth $179 annually, trust me! BUT I have a treat for you…. who wants $10 OFF your first box?!! Thats how I did it, I love a deal. All you need to do is click HERE to sign up and redeem your $10 off from me to YOU!

After getting my FabFitFun box I was on a package being delivered HIGH and so I found a second subscription box and I am obsessed…

Box of Style is exactly what it says it is, a 4 xs a year box of seasonal style curated by Rachel Zoe, celebrity stylist! And inside each box is usually a unique piece she has designed especially for the box! It is a bit more pricey at $99 a box BUT inside each box is OVER $400 of clothing and products.

I LOVED everything that came in the Summer box and I have already made my custom selections of the Fall box! Here is a video how the Box of Style is created by Zoe and her team….

Want to give this box a try? Here is a link to receive $25 OFF your first box! That means for Fall you will be getting over $400 worth of style for only $75, jump on this!!!!! Click HERE.  to sign up and receive your $25 OFF!

I hope this post will make your front door and mail box very happy with new things heading your way… I know it makes me smile!

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