Holy Grail of LIPS

You guys this post might be short and sweet BUT it is going to change your life…. well not maybe your life but most defiantly your LIPS! This is also a tale about how those samples you get from Sephora are all worth trying because it lead me to this bad boy….

Let me preface this by saying my lips have always been my best facial feature and even before Kylie made it “cool” people have asked me if I got my lips done…. no and nope. SO my view of this product has a little bit different of a starting point. Anyhoo…. This is simple easy peasy each night slather this lip mask on your lips before bed. It is thick but you will find the right amount that works for you and no I never wakeup with sticky hair or it smeared on my face it literally just melts into your lips. Since using this mask all Summer my lips are way more plump, soft and I am obsessed! The best part is this is only $20 and it will last you like a year. And no I am not getting paid for this post although that would be nice, LOL! I really just want to spread the word on my secret to awesome lips!

Alright head on over to Sephora and buy THIS NOW!

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