Crazy Rich Asians

You guys this week I was so lucky because me and a friend go to go to an advanced screening of Crazy Rich Asians and it was just as wonderful as I hoped it would be. First of all the actors are amazing and not to mention how incredibly good looking Henry Golding (playing Nick) is. Second they make it so easy to fall in love with each character (well most) I literally wanted to be stopped up and put into this movie. The OVER THE TOP richness is amazing, jaw droopingly amazing. And the love story? Completely swoon-worthy in every way possible. Please tell all your friends whether you have read the book or not to GO SEE THIS MOVIE next week. This would be the perfect girls night or movie with your Mom! I am most definitely going to be seeing this one again….. and again………..

And I now have to say I MUST know what happens next, I fell in love with Astrid and need to see her story unfold so I will absolutely be reading the other 2 in this series!!!!!

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