Girls Getaway

Good Morning friends! Let me tell you how exhausted I am! This weekend was so fun, filled with friends, wine, food, family, hikes, bikes but I am exhausted! I am totally going to take today to recharge, my body is sore… according to my Apple Watch I walked over 15 miles in 3 days, plus a yoga class, bike ride and more! BUT I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

I am so lucky that my family let me take up 8 girls to the Georgetown house this weekend for a book club retreat! I swear it isn’t until you have a real good laugh that you realize it has been to long since you had one. We laughed, talked books, played games and relaxed in the beautiful mountain air. I LOVED that each morning I had to throw on a sweatshirt to have coffee outside, I truly am so lucky to live in Colorado.

I have become friends with this lovely couple my in-laws introduced us to who own the Georgetown Jerkey shop and Jann one of the owners opened up a craft store in Georgetown also. So I reached out and we put together a bookmark making class for us while we were in town! We had the best time and the studio overlooks the “Main Street” in Georgetown where they were having a concert…. it was the perfect set up!

And oh ya, please be jealous we had shirts made because… WHY THE HELL NOT!!!!! How funny we made bookmarks wearing these shirts!

I had goodie bags when everyone arrived at the house which included these fun wine tumblers. I got everyone a different color and then put in a glitter monogram for each girl, they were a hit! We had a cookout at the house on Saturday night followed by games of course. Then you know why I love these girls? Because come 10:30 we were all ready for bed, my kind of weekend!!!!!!!!

I had the best time and truly even thought we may only see each other once a month at book club I am so very grateful for each of them. Somehow even though we are all different sharing a love of books can bring friends together in such a wonderful way!!!!

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