Prosecco Cake!

Happy Monday guys, I have a real treat for you all today! In fact it is so easy I can barely call it a “recipe” but what I can call it is damn good celebration cake! You know how you can add only pumpkin to a cake mix to make it healthier? Well lets just say that got me to thinking about what else can you add to a cake mix?! And the answer my friends is PROSECCO! Make sure you buy a prosecco you would want to drink not because I am pretending to the the Barefoot Contessa but because you will have 1/2 the bottle left to drink while you bake! LOL

The results of this cake are perfect for Birthdays and celebrations telling your friends and family you made them Prosecco cake WITH Sprinkles! And good news Vegans, this is Vegan! YAY

Reminder do NOT grease your pan and I know trust me this goes against everything I know to be true about Bundt pans but just don’t do it! And if a little off the top of your cake sticks to the pan, just go with it!

What I love about an Angel food cake is that it is inherently meant to be more of a “Rustic Cake” and a vessel for toppings and ya, the words “vessel for toppings” should make you excited! I made this on Friday not knowing that this is JUST what I needed for the weekend! So our TV is on the fritz, the sound is stuck on “We must read lips” and then the A/C in my Jeep went out, I mean for the love of God!

My Aunt got me this Magnolia Cake stand stand for my Birthday and I LOVE it! There is a huge dome for the top of it also! And you guys check out the cake! Matt and I had it with Vegan Cool whip, just as good might I add and this was a HIT! How fun does that plate look?!

I hope you all will use this as a quick recipe to impress friends or for when a bunch of things go wrong and you need cake and prosecco!!!!!! Cheers!

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