Let’s talk about my best friend

Many of you know that last November I lost my best friend, Isabella. Bella was 15 and she was my rock, my constant and my best friend. She lived in 3 different states, she lived in over 6 different homes and she loved her dog brothers very much. Bella is truly the soul that taught me how to love unconditionally and to truly put someone before myself. There is not one day that goes by that I do not miss this face and the clean smell of her soft fur when I bury my face into her side. She is missed not just by me but by Matt, my sister and especially my parents who loved her since that day I found her outside of a Walmart in Norman, Ok.

I would never have thought that I would be a person who would memorialize a loved one with a tattoo but I did it when we lost Oscar 2 years ago and just being able to look at my arm knowing that tattoo is special and for him does provide a comfort that is hard to explain. Last Summer I got a button to memorialize our sweet Abner and you can revisit that post HERE Since last November I have been trying to find the perfect way to represent my sweet Bella and the perfect person to do it. I was pointed in the direction of this Colorado tattoo artist who come to find out does the tats on most of the Broncos players, so thats cool and after a 3 month wait list yesterday was my day!

Ryan not only recreated something I found that spoke to me but he touched up my button which I was never truly thrilled with. Both these tattoos took about an hour together and I can’t believe how brave I was. The pain is weird, it’s a constant dull pain and then at times since both of these are in sensitive spots there was definitely some pain involved, let me tell ya. But oddly enough I felt the most pain right after they were done and I was driving home, WHEW! I had to practice my yoga breathing to get me thru.

Now it will be a few weeks before Bella is completely healed and will look finished. I choose this watercolor representation of her because it is artful like my others and beautiful just like her. Honestly it is a tad more pink than I wanted, I wanted black to be the dominate color but in time that will be an easy fix if I still feel that way! I loved Ryan my tattoo guy and in fact we got on the wait list for him to design and continue Matt’s full sleeve this October! You can view his work HERE

I never thought I would be a tattoo person but it seems to fit me now and I do love the contrast of sharp black tattoos on my arms when I am wearing something especially girlie! Do you have any tattoos with special meanings? Do tell..


  1. Janet W
    June 14, 2018 / 9:56 am

    I have one with two hearts from back in the early 90’s with my daughter’s initials. I feel like people probably think it is initials of me and some guy. 🙁 and it was from just some little place coworkers went to. Long before tattoos were so artistic.I have another that was on a whim, it has meaning and was well represented by that artist, he changed it up to fit better then what I brought him. Another from many years ago and cartoonish. It is down on my ankle when I was much heavier though and with weight loss it wraps partially around the front of my ankle now. I do want another on my wrist to say “Be still” from a bible verse but, can’t decide when I will get it.

    • June 15, 2018 / 11:27 am

      Such a lovely story; I love the idea of the tattoos!❣️

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